Voor de dans- Dedicated to Dance (2015) is a short dance film about the rehearsal process of dance company LeineRoebana. In the intimacy of the studio Delpeut developed a fascination for what he calls ‘the thinking dancer’. The film is a choreography of faces, a play of glances: introvert, intense, gamely, concentrated, intimate, extravert, provocative. Contemporary dance practice demands that dancers continually re-invent their body. This mechanism is more than only physical, as each and every dance movement is preceded by a mental process. Delpeut’s Dedicated to Dance is an attempt to capture that process on camera.
But, the film finished, he asked himself: ‘What have I seen?’ ‘Can a facial expression reveal a complex mental process?’ Delpeut will talk about the pitfalls in his concept of the thinking dancer. It will be illustrated with dailies from the shooting.

Peter Delpeut is a filmmaker and writer. From 1988 to 1995 he worked as a curator and deputy director for the Netherlands Filmmuseum (now Eye Film Institute) in Amsterdam. He makes films in many genres: found footage (Lyrical Nitrate, Diva Dolorosa), documentary (In Loving Memory; Immer Fernweh) and features (The Forbidden Quest, Felice…Felice…). He writes travel stories, essays on cinema and art and novels. In 1992  he made a short dance film with Dutch dance company LeineRoebana. Since 2006 he is their dramaturge. For the Cinedans Festival Amsterdam he wrote a blog on  found choreography, the dance version of found footage (see