E.E.G. KISS | Performance & Installation

Can we transfer a kiss and its intimacy online?
Can we measure a kiss and what kissers feel together? Do we want to save
our private kisses in a transparent database
– to be used by others?


In E.E.G. KISS the artists investigate how a kiss can be translated into biofeedback data for an online kiss experience. In a poetic, shared ritual for online ‘kissing’, ‘heartbeats’ and ‘EEG/ECG data’, all participants feel, see, hear and experience a communal kiss.

The E.E.G. Kiss ritual, audio-visual-haptic brain computer interface and neuro feedback system is an art work (a participatory, networked performance installation) and part of Shared Senses (read more): which is the artists ongoing Artistic research as well as their PhD at technical University of Delft.

In performances and live kissing experiments with E.E.G. head sets
to measure brainwaves, visitors are invited to participate as kissers, voyeurs and EEG data scanners. While kissing, their brainwaves are measured and visible as E.E.G. data. These data are then translated to a music score, connected to the heartbeat of audience around.

The artists deconstruct the kiss, E.E.G./ECG data and heartbeat from different participants, to reconstruct a new, digital synesthetic kissing body: Synesthetic EEG Kiss and, in the near future, a Global Kiss-In.

Credits: Mondriaan Foundation (NL) / University of Technology Delft – Participatory Systems Initiative (NL) / TNO Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research / Baltan Laboratories & Holst Center Eindhoven / TASML artist in residency Tsinghua University Beijing (Curator: Dr. Zhang Ga) and Neuro engineering lab (Prof. Hong Bo) / Fourtress Eindhoven / Neuroaesthetics and Neurocultures Research Group UvA / Discovery festival Amsterdam / Digital Synesthesia Research Group, University Vienna / STEIM Amsterdam (Tijs Ham)