Worlding the Brain will integrate several artistic performances with lectures and panel discussions.

(UN) FOCUSSED | A performance with and about the brain

by Ivo Bol, Alberto Novello en Marion Traenkle

your brain my brain

In the EEG performance “un (focussed)” we are mapping and comparing the brainwaves of two performers into the outside world. By hacking an EEG we are able to translate the brainwaves into a composition of laser and music with the speed of light. This performance is composed for the launch of the Amsterdam Brain and Mind Project – The neuroscience and cognition research alliance between the University of Amsterdam and VU University Amsterdam.

Alberto Novello: programming and laserdesign
Ivo Bol: sounddesign
Marion Traenkle: scenography
Wijnand Geraerts: advice | soundcloud |  vimeo | linkedin | newsletter

Credits: ABMP, Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, Patricia Pisters, Rob Vugs, Michele Colombo, Anouk de Koning, Benjamin Scheers and all the people we have visited at the VU and the UvA.


by Carolien Hermans


Dance improvisation is a form of bodily enculturation. Dance is more than a set of complex movement patterns: dance is charged with meaning. This meaning can be symbolic, expressive, it can be an affective resonance or an emanating thought. In all cases the meaning arises from the qualitative dynamics of the dance (Sheets-Johnstone, 2012). In this performance lecture I will address the notion of embodied narratives and rhythm in dance. Together with two modern dance students from the Modern Theatre Dance department at the Amsterdam University of the Arts, we will look into kinaesthetic and kinetic features of narratives and rhythm.

Carolien Hermans graduated (cum laude) at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, department Orthopedagogy. Next to this, she studied dance and choreography (Amsterdam Master of Choreography). Carolien Hermans is currently a teacher at the Amsterdam Conservatory. She is also a researcher/ lecturer at the school of Arts and Economics at the University of the Arts in Utrecht. She is affiliated to the Institute for Cultural Inquiry, University of Utrecht, in collaboration with AHK,  where she is doing a PhD research on the effects of dance on the kinesthetic interaction of boys with ASD.

DANCE OF THE NEURONS  | Film screening

by Jody Oberfelder & Eric Siegel

5 min | USA | 2015

24 dancers embody the birth of neurons, activating the brain/body. This film is part of the “The Brain Piece”, a live performance.

Co-directors | Jody Oberfelder & Eric Siegel
Camera and Editing | Eric Siegel
Choreography | Jody Oberfelder

Music | Daniel Wohl, “Neighborhood”, used with arrangement by Schirmer Publishing
Dancers | Kirsten Adler Ariel Asch, Megan Bascom, Sarah Chein, Martin Davis, Caitlin Dutton, Kevin Fay, Ben Follensbee, Cecilia Fontanesi, Cecilia Fontanesi, Fana Fraser, Emily Giovine, Jacob Goodhart, Madison Krekel, Jordan Holland, Weiji Ma, Mary Madsen, Lindsey Mandolini, Jody Oberfelder, Bo Pressly, Jule Jo Ramirez, Celine Syslo, Amanda Tay, Emily Wassyng, Hannah Wendel, Madeline Wilcox
Collaborating Neuroscientist | Weiji Ma
Consulting Neuroscientists | Wendy Suzuki, Andre Fenton, Claudia Feld, Ed Lein, Gary Marcus, Suzanne Dikker