Arno Schuitemaker

WHILE WE STRIVE_Arno Schuitemaker - photo Jochem Jurgens -2.jpg

Photo credits: Jochem Jurgens

For his performance WHILE WE STRIVE, choreographer Arno Schuitemaker found inspiration in neuroscience. Based on the multimodal sensorimotor system of the brain, he revolves the relationship of movement with sound and redefines feelings of space, creating an interchangeability of visual and aural perception, listening with the eyes, hearing the movements in a visual way.
In close collaboration with composer Massimo Cervini he developed a sound concept that involves Bluetooth-speakers and quadraphonic sound, using directional and omnidirectional characteristics of sound. Together with lighting designer Ellen Knops they then created a powerful blend of movement, sound and light. With an invigorating sense for rhythm, the hour long performance conceives a seductive trip for the senses that embodies a different view of the here-and-now.

After receiving his Master’s degree at the Delft University of Technology, Arno Schuitemaker changed course and began a career in contemporary dance. Since his graduation in choreography, he created acclaimed performances such as EXIT (2009), TIDE (2011), The Fifteen | DUET (2012), I is an Other (2014), WHILE WE STRIVE (2015) and Together_till the end (2015). He creates his performances through a strong physical and sensorial approach to existential subjects, showing a curiosity to work with new forms and possibilities. Using the body as his focal point, he has developed a movement language that is both down-to-earth and hallucinatory. By shaping unique relationships between the performers and the audience, his work is fresh and profound. He has been
presenting his performances in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Switzerland, Poland, Luxembourg, Russia, Hong Kong, Cyprus, China, and the UK.